Chapter Ⅰ - START - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅰ - START

It was billions of years before humans had ever appeared. It was the time of the Gods, who were the rulers of this dark planet and the controllers of nature.

The Gods had their own kingdom, the Chaos Empire. Needless to say, the ruler of this empire was the Emperor Chaos. His power came from the chaos, which also gave birth to him.

Human nature was greedy, and so were the gods. Emperor Chaos organized a huge army and killed everyone who disobeyed him. In this dark kingdom, under his cruel domination, how long you would survive depended on how much power you had. Friendship, mercy and kindness did not exist.

The Gods were not eternal. They would die too, which they couldn’t help. The Emperor Chaos was dying at midnight that night. The sky was dark and the clouds were heavy. It seemed that a terribly storm would come. The emperor laid in his bed and called his children.

Prince Ice was attending a ball in a luxurious hall, dancing with a graceful lady that night. In this enjoyable environment, the prince’s face was placid. He was waiting for being informed. Suddenly, a messenger ran in and passed him a note. Without any hesitation, he stretched his two bright frozen wings and flew to his father’s palace at a tremendous speed.

Princess Lava, who looked fiery and mature, was already standing on the top of the roof and focusing every moment on Prince Ice for two days. At that very moment, when she saw what Prince Ice was doing, there was a smile on her face that could terrify anyone. Wings appeared on her shoulder, which were made of fire and burnt brightly in this dark night.

They reached the palace at almost the same time. After the butler opened the door for them, they both quickly ran into the room.

“Children, sitting on the throne is not easy as you think,” whispered the Chaos. “The throne is not worth your fight. I have done so many evil things to conquer the world and still kept conquering everyone for this stupid honor of emperor.” He stopped for a while and looked closely at his children’s faces. He was disappointed. He failed to see what he had hoped to see. “Even till now, I try to conquer you two in order to stop the war that must happen.”

“My dear father,” said Prince Ice while bowing, “aren’t you the one who created all this?”

“No! You fool!” shouted Chaos with coughing. “It wasn’t my fault. It was the fault of nature! It was nature who created me, created the chaos. I know that you are putting all the responsibility on me because of your anger over all those years. But I am not the one who is going to answer for it. Do you understand me, my princess?”

Princess Lava looked at her long graceful fingers. Then she looked into Chaos’ eyes. “You are the emperor, aren’t you?”

“Hell!” This was the last word of the emperor of this dark dynasty, the last word of this cruel emperor, Emperor Chaos.

The hall clock in the palace struck twelve. A huge eye, through the endless darkness, gazed at the Earth quietly.