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DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter XIII - The Fallen Star (I)

Cobalt, who was one of the cabinet ministers of the empire, was trying to contact others, after a seriously wounded messenger from Calcium rushed to her house with a bloody sword in hand and told her about Potassium’s rebellion. She ordered her servants to send a message to the prime minister, Hydrogen, Prince Ice, and the royal army. However, not a single messenger came back.

“Cabinet Minister!” Suddenly, she heard a hurried sound of knocking and shouting. Before the door keeper had time to open the door completely, an armed soldier blundered into her house. He was Major Yttrium, taking charge of the northern gate.

“Major Yttrium.” After Cobalt heard the noise, she walked gravely out of the room in a mantle, with a sword belted on her waist. “Behave yourself!” She spoke slowly, but her voice was so strong and serious that it made impetuous Yttrium shut his mouth tightly and tremble slightly in front of her. She stopped for a while, sat down on a chair, and then stared at Yttrium.

“Cabinet Minister.” After failing to calm himself down, Yttrium quickly added, “General Copper is leading thousands of soldiers right under the wall. They are ready to attack now.”

“Copper. . .” Cobalt whispered with no sign of panic. Yttrium looked into her blue eyes, which were colder than ice. The entire house was frozen in silence. A quiver of fear spread through him that completely overpowered his fear of Copper. His body was deadly still. Under the tremendous pressure of Cobalt, he did not dare to move even a bit.

The goddess stood up unhurriedly and put on the sheath with her left hand. Her steps were steady and slow towards to the door. When she passed Yttrium, her freezing eyes gazed at his. “Back to your station,” she commanded powerfully. Then she left Yttrium and went out.

Putting down her hat on the mantle, she looked up to the sky. Her blue eyes were not sharp anymore. Instead, they showed a light feeling of gloom. The face of the moon was pale, and it became even more terrifying after a trail of thin bloody red clouds passed by. The Milky Way that looked like an arch was whirling over her head and the faint purple light it sent out made her feel dizzy.

Her shiny blue hair hung down her shoulders and back, reflecting the slight light from the sky. Lowering her head and looking forward, she saw the neat wide street to the battlefield, where royal blood was spread on the ground. A smell of burning floated around her nose. The sound of scuffles burst upon her ears. Behind her, Copper’s army was gathered under the northern gate. In front of her, Potassium was leading his army in the fight against Calcium, who could not defend much longer without any support. Jeopardy was approaching to where she lived and she realized that the battle could not be avoided.

Suddenly she noticed a group of figures coming toward her. They moved carefully and silently. With her right hand holding the grip of the sword, which was wrapped in its sheath, she walked a few steps towards them. After they came closer, Cobalt could recognize who they were. Some guards advanced on the sides while an outstanding God stood in the middle. He was Prince Ice, who fled from his palace to the Northern gate.

Cobalt quickly reached him and knelt down on one knee.

“No kneeling, my dear minister.” The prince held her arm and lifted her up. Pointing to the huge city gate in front of him, he added, “I am going to the Northern gate. Will you fight alongside us?”

“Oh! Your majesty, you mustn’t go there. The Northern gate isn’t safe now.” Her voice was soft and peaceful, not a bit like how she had spoken before. “Copper has gathered thousands of soldiers outside.”

“Copper!” Prince Ice was shocked. “Why Copper?” Anger, confusion, fear, grief and so many other feelings surged up to his mind. He could not believe that two of his generals had betrayed him. “You are joking, right? You must be joking. Two generals can’t have betrayed me at the same time. Right?” He stamped around a few paces while whispering the words. Suddenly, he pointed to a God beside him and shouted, “You are Radium Ⅱ. Right? Didn’t you tell me that the Northern gate is safe to go to?”

“Your . . . your majesty. General Calcium . . . ”

“General Calcium . . . Calcium . . . ” Prince Ice interrupted Radium and repeated the name “Calcium” several times, ending with a long sigh.

“Cobalt,” he said softly, “What should I do?”

“Not a single gate is safe now.” Cobalt shook her head. A burst of breeze passed by and made her long hair swim in the moonlight. It looked like a piece of silk flying under the azure sky or a graceful boat drifting in the ocean. “But,” she paused for a while and then added, “I supposed I have the ability to break the siege.”

Ice fell into silence for a few minutes, then looked into her eyes. Cobalt’s eyes were blue and freezing, while the prince’s were white and sharp.

“How beautiful,” Ice sighed, “but beauty is not a weapon.”

“Don’t you remember that I am a first generations element god?” Cobalt said deliberately “It’s the only way out, your majesty.”

Ice fell into silence again. This time, it was much longer. But finally, he nodded.

“My life depends on you, Cobalt.”

Right after he finished, Ice’s wings appeared on his back. They shone with a milky white light, looking like a second moon on the ground. Crystal blue iced features spread over the wings, which swayed slightly in the wind. Soon, Cobalt stretched out her lithe wings, which were dark blue with some tiny light spots twinkling on them. The others also stretched out theirs and jumped into the sky. Against the dark sky they looked like splendid stars, lighting up the capital and carrying the hope of the empire.