Chapter Ⅳ - Story of Potassium - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅳ - Story of Potassium

Potassium walked slowly and wandered on the main street. He looked up at the sky and tried to hold in the tears that brimmed in his eyes. His brothers’ faces appeared and the sound of that old man repeated over and over again in his mind.

Only the first generation of element gods has the full control of their element. When an element god dies, there will be some new gods born from that element, who take part of the control. As time goes on, new generations have less and less control over their element.

In this empire, your position depends on the strength you have. Normally a god in the fourth generation, like Potassium, had no chance to be a general as he is now…

Potassium’s tears finally burst from his eyes with no sound from his throat. He moved forward to his house on two heavy legs. Tears stained his cheeks. “Even my tears,” he whispered, “were given by my brothers…”

The time dates back to the period when the world was controlled by lots of kingdoms. At the time before this empire had established, Potassium, who was an ordinary soldier in the Chaos army, was lost in the wild. He shouted for help and tried to find the army until he was exhausted. It was late in the night when he blundered into a cave. He had no hope of being rescued. In the army, there were zillions of soldiers like him who went missing and never returned. The poor gods with weak control of their elements had no chance to walk out of there. He shouted fiercely with great anger.

“Why do I have to be a weak element god with little control of potassium? Why is it my fate to die in this dirty nauseating cave? Why?”

He sat down on the ground of the cave. Lying on his back with his arms supporting him, he looked at the milky round moon hanging in the sky. “Maybe only a nobody like me,” he sighed, “would enjoy a view of the night before death.”

Suddenly, the frigid ground became warm and soft. A huge rock from nowhere suddenly plugged the door of the cave. Potassium was shocked and alert. Turning around, he noticed an old man surrounded by tiny lights sitting right in front of him. His hair was totally white and his body looked extraordinarily weak. But his dark eyes were as piercing as two endless deep holes.

“Who are you?” Potassium trembled, hardly able to speak a word.

“Well, I do not have an answer for that. In fact, I have been sitting here thinking about it for a long time,” the old man said slowly but powerfully, “yet they call me Earth. But you can call me,” he paused for a while and added, “father.”

“Father?” Potassium hazed, “You can’t be my father. Only the nature gods have parents.”

“Then who gave birth to you?”

“I was born from the Potassium in the…” Suddenly Potassium realized something. He jumped inches away from the old man in front of him. “You are… are… Nature!”

“I am not pleased when others call me this,” the old man sighed. “Please call me father.”

“Father,” Potassium’s voice was trembling and his legs shivered out of control.

“Take it easy, my son,” the old man said with a smile. “Well, since you have come here, then tell me what you want?”

“I came here for nothing. I just… just blundered into this cave. I didn’t know that you were here.”

“Come here for nothing?” The old man laughed. “This is a funny joke. If you were not lost in your army, then how would you have come here? It is destiny who led you to meet me, which means it’s my destiny to help you and your destiny to accept the help.”

The old man’s head moved forward, looking at him with his sharp eyes. “You want to be stronger, don’t you?”

To be stronger? Yes. Ever since he came into this world, he was eager to be stronger. However, as a fourth generation god, the amount of potassium he can control is minute.

“What do you want?”

“You have nothing to give me.”

The cave was completely silent. The old man looked into his eyes for a long time. Suddenly, it seemed that he had seen something. His eyes lit up.

“Interesting.” He said with profound meaning. “Here is a book. Do whatever it says.”

“The light here is too dim to read the book.”

“Then I will provide you with light.”

Suddenly, the whole cave became so bright that every detail could be seen clearly. Potassium was amazed by the wonderful views here. Colorful mushrooms were growing at the feet of miraculous trees. Graceful paintings on the walls made it not boring.

“Focus on the book, and you will accomplish your wish.”

“It’s not the right time to recall the past.” A sound pulled Potassium from his memory. It was Copper, who tapped his shoulder. “I am still waiting for your answer.”

“I’m in,” said Potassium deeply. As he lowered his head, his tears were completely gone. Instead, he had the eyes of a devil.