Chapter Ⅴ - Onset of Coup - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅴ - Onset of Coup

“Well,” said Copper in a low voice with her metal wings stretching out of her back, “follow me closely.”

She bounced from the ground hundreds of miles into the air by waving wings that burst with a huge sound and soared with a tremendous speed. Potassium sat down on the ground slowly, closed his eyes and whispered some words. Suddenly, his body disappeared, leaving behind a shiny light ball of light which followed closely behind Copper.

After leaving the capital of the Empire thousands of miles behind and hovering a while at a low speed, they landed on the edge of a forest. Although the Sun could be clearly seen in the sky, Potassium could hardly see anything for lack of light.

Copper handed Potassium a hand lamp that was covered with brass.

“I have heard about this dark forest before,” Potassium mumbled. “It is said that before the death of the Light goddess, her great anger towards the Sun god kept the sun light away from this forest, which became her grave.”

“Do you believe it?”



“The Light goddess had no power to stop the Sun god.”

“That’s right,” Copper said, nodding her head, “but I think it’s Sun who did not want to shine on Light’s grave.”

“Why do you say that?”

“After the fight between Nature and his daughter, Light, Nature rebuilt his relationship with the Sun god.”

“So, you meant that it was Nature who did this?”


They both fell into silence and kept walking without speaking. About half an hour later, Copper moved aside a branch in front of her and turned to Potassium. A house had appeared.

“Quick, we are a bit late.”

Upon approaching that house, Potassium could clearly feel the pressure increasing. The door was half open, but he could see nothing except darkness inside. And its windows, with glimmers of shimmer, looked like the endless deep holes that tried to pull him to hell

Copper pushed open the door and led Potassium inside. Then they both sat down around a table. Potassium could see three gods sitting there peacefully in the dim light over his head. However, he could hardly see their faces.

“Potassium?” A low and deep voice was heard. Potassium recognized it as Manganese, the general who controlled the largest army. “Copper, why didn’t you tell us that Potassium owns the book.”

“I learned that only recently,” said Copper, “when Hydrogen told Ice that Potassium had the way of combining element gods.”

“Wait,” said Potassium in a puzzled voice, “what’s the matter with that bloody book?” Then he faced Copper. “Didn’t we come here for planning the coup?”

“No!” A man with shrill voice laughed. Potassium noticed a thin but powerful god sitting next to Manganese, whose face could not be identified. “Boy, you came here for that shiny throne while we came here for a trade.”

“I am not coming for the throne, but for keeping those innocents from suffering because of me. After I got this bloody book from that pigheaded old man and followed what it said, I found hundreds and thousands of Potassium gods lying around me with no souls inside their bodies. It was me who sucked out their power and caused their deaths. Among them were my brothers who grew up and lived with me.” Potassium stopped for a while and added, “Now, Prince Ice and Hydrogen asked me to be a murderer, which I do not want to be again. This is the reason that I came here. I won’t kill the poor again.”

“You misunderstand.” Another voice was raised and Potassium could tell that it was Sodium, a general who he thought was on Lava’s side. “We are not asking you to be a murderer.”

“Then why did you mention the book?”

“You give us the book. We give you the throne.”

“How can I trust you?”

Copper, Manganese and Sodium placed three shiny swords, each made of the element that they controlled, on the desk. The other god took out the sword of Beryllium. Those swords represented the control of their army.

“How did you get Beryllium’s sword?” Potassium faced that thin god.

That god with the shrill voice laughed again. “He has been my prisoner since this morning.”

Potassium was shocked. Although he believed that he could defeat Beryllium, catching him with nobody’s help in a morning would be impossible.

“Well,” Potassium pretended to be relaxed by saying in a placid voice, “What’s the plan?”

Manganese unrolled a map of the capital. Pointing at it, he said, “We plan the coup for midnight. Potassium, you will march into the capital here, with your army stationed in the suburbs with the excuse of patrolling the city. Five thousand soldiers will go straight to Hydrogen’s house and keep him in his house, alive would be the best. Then six thousand solders, including you, will go to Calcium’s house and take her sword to prevent her army from coming, then wait for the guest whom I will mention later. From the information I got, Calcium’s army has been wandering outside the capital, so be careful.

“Copper’s army will march into the capital from this door with the excuse of protecting Ice. Two thousand solders will engage Cobalt. Ten thousand solders will block off the streets in front of Ice's house. According to the information we collected, Ice and Lava will meet in the Minister’s House at midnight, so Copper, you should block the street before he goes there. If everything goes well, Ice will escape from this route and take the way past Calcium’s house. He is the guest you should catch.

“Sodium’s army will march in from this door and go straight to Lava’s house. According to our speculations, she will go this way and out of the Capital from this door, where Sodium will wait with twenty thousand soldiers.

“And my army is already in the capital, hiding in my house for the past month. I will lead them to trap Aluminum and Magnesium.

“Is it a perfect plan, Potassium?”

“It is,” Potassium nodded. “But what if Ice and Lava fly high in sky and escape?”

“No, they won’t dare to fly.” Copper said with a smile. “If they fly in the sky, it means that they will tell us their position.”

“Well, I have another question,” Potassium thought for a while and turned to that stranger. “Who are you?”

“Me?” The god laughed loudly with his shrill voice once again. “I am Mars, the brother of the pigheaded old man you mentioned.”