Chapter Ⅶ - The First Shot - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅶ - The First Shot

“Open the gate!” shouted Phosphorus, who stood under the wall of the capital with thousands of armed soldiers behind him, to the guard of the gate, who was standing hazily on the top. “We have the command of Marshal Potassium to patrol the city.”

“No matter who you are, you have no access at this time without permission. Marshal Potassium has no right to give you permission.”

“I have never heard that we have no right to enter even with the command of a Marshal. Who set up this rule?”

“Princess set it up today. And only Princess has the right to give permission.”

Suddenly, a tremendous wind passed by and a God in white appeared in front of that soldier with his sword in his hand. Under the pure moonlight that shone down on him, that soldier could clearly see his pale face. It was Potassium, wearing his armor.

“Marshal?” The soldier quickly kneeled before him, trembling.

“Oh, I was wondering whether you didn’t know who I am,” Potassium smiled slightly to that frightened soldier. “However, you do.”

“But, Marshal, Princess told me that I mustn’t open the door for anyone without permission, especially to a general.”

“So, you won’t open it?”

“I do not dare …”

The voice stopped and a bloody head fell from the wall.

“Do you guys want to be next? If not, then open the door!” He shouted to the other guards, who stood by him with their weapons pointed at him.

Immediately, those weak coward gods yielded and went down from the wall in a hurry. Within a while, the gate was opened slowly.

At that moment, Phosphorus with his five thousand military gods marched into the capital and went straight to Hydrogen’s house. They walked in silence. It seemed that they were afraid to awake anyone who was asleep. As time stretched on and they approached closer to that house, Phosphorus was highly alert and focused on his surroundings.

He knew what he was doing and the consequences of failing. It was midnight. The capital of the empire was still, deathly still. According to the law of the Empire, residents were not allowed to walk on the street after nine o’clock. Right now, even the sound of a leaf falling could be heard, which no doubt added to the pressure and fear.

But what he was most concerned about was meeting his brother, Phosphorus II.

His brother, who was born from the phosphorus with him at the same time, was the servant of the prime minister, Hydrogen. They stayed with each other until they both had the full control of all the phosphorous they could, which meant they were grown up. Although they had lived two really different lives, their fraternity remained.

However, tonight, he had to engage Hydrogen, the master of his brother.

What’s more, he had to do it in the presence of his brother.

“Why did Marshal ask me to do this bloody work?” Phosphorus burbled with confusion.

There was no time for more thought, as they approached the door of the house.

“Surround it, Cesium,” he commanded to a Major General who quickly led his troops to execute the order with no hesitation.

“Molybdenum Ⅲ, stay out here with the army and wait for my command.”

“ArgonⅡ, take some soldiers and come with me.”

Then, Phosphorous stepped some paces to that red gate. It was not rectangular, but elliptical, which made it look like an eye, a big eye that gazed at him deeply and gloomily.

He brought his hand to the door, but didn’t knock for a few seconds. Finally, he rapped on it softly.

The door opened by itself.

Hydrogen was sitting in a chair right in front of him, placid and serious.

After a few moments of silence, Phosphorus opened his mouth.

“Prime Minister, I’m …”

“I know why you are here.” Hydrogen paused for a while and added, “Are you sure you can trap me with only five thousand demi-gods?”

The prime minister waved his hand weakly. All the soldiers behind Phosphorous collapsed.

Phosphorous was shocked and terrified, hardly able to speak a word.

“Calm down, Phosphorous. Even if you can’t engage me, I will stay here as your prisoner.”

Phosphorous knelt down in a hurry and said, “Prime Minister, I…”

“I have forgiven your rudeness. And don’t blame yourself. Even Potassium has no idea how powerful I am. However, I can promise that your master will be the emperor successfully. Phosphorous Ⅱ, accompany your brother.”

“Yes, sire.” Phosphorous Ⅱ ran out immediately and took the command.

A gigantic gale came all of a sudden, which made Phosphorous hardly able to stand steadily. Trees stooped so deeply that they nearly broke off. Walls were cracking. Clouds were speeding. The wind seemed to be a puma roaring angrily in the wild. Murderous feelings grew stronger and stronger.

“Don’t be afraid.” Hydrogen sighed, disconsolately looking up at the dizzy sky. “My brother is coming.”