Chapter Ⅷ - Potassium’s Army - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅷ - Potassium’s Army

Meanwhile, Potassium and his thousands of soldiers were going straight to the house of Calcium, one of the generals of the empire.

Unlike Phosphorous’s army, this army was not afraid of anything. It felt as if they were not marching to the battlefield, but returning to their home in triumph. Marshal walked manly and boldly forward, holding up his head as high as possible. A lieutenant general following closely to him held a flag that swam in the moonlight as they advanced. And the queue behind them stepped steadily in order, resolutely believing that victory belonged to them. The sound of their steps was clear and firm. They trusted that their general was immortal, and that he would lead them to establish a new nation for the freedom of all demi-gods.

Confidence filled every single soldier’s heart and Potassium was no longer concerned about failure. The worries that frightened Cobalt and caused her escape had completely gone. Even now, no true battle had been fought. As he approached his target, he became more and more excited. Concealing his ecstasy was impossible now.

This was his true personality, which was hard to observe in daily life.

Suddenly, he stopped in front of Cobalt’s villa.

The villa was graceful and delicate. The windows were colorful. The railings of the balcony were elegant. Trees with ripe fruit and blossoms with a fragrant aroma were planted around the house. Verdurous vines twisted and climbed up to the roof. Cobalt’s villa was vigorous, making everyone pleased while they passed through this beautiful place.

“What a pity,” Potassium whispered, standing peacefully for a while in the gentle breeze that wafted through his long soft hair.

Inside the house, Cobalt felt the arrival of Potassium. She went downstairs placidly from her bedroom with a sword belted to her waist. Her pace was slow. Her long dress dragged along the ground as she walked.

“It was all so fast,” she mumbled almost at the same time as Potassium, “hard to believe it came so fast.”

The silence descended. It was the last peaceful moment before the battle.

Potassium shook his head and pulled his sword out. Pointing at the house, he cried,

“Soldiers! Now we fight the first battle of tonight! Remember, you are here to free all the demi-gods from oppression!”

“For all the demi-gods!”

They broke down the entrance of the house and rushed into the room, shouting and growling.

Cobalt was standing in the middle of the hall proudly and arrogantly, right in front of Potassium. Behind her, hundreds of soldiers stood with their weapons in their hands, pointed at their enemy.

“You are a rare visitor, Potassium. What brought you here?”

“I am here to keep your sword for a while.”

“If I don’t hand it to you?”

“Then I will force it from you.”

“Are you sure you want to challenge a first-generation god, Potassium, as a fourth-generation god?”

“Are you sure you want to fight against me, Cobalt? There are five thousand soldiers of mine here. I give you one last chance now.”

“Even the threat of death cannot shake my loyalty to the empire and every single one of my soldiers here.”

“My soldiers!” Potassium roared with his sword in his hand. “We are here to fight for all the demi-gods!”

“Whoever survives tonight,” Cobalt shouted, pulling out her sword powerfully, “remember that we are the honor of the empire!”

A huge bird soared above this bloody city, letting out a fierce, miserable cry.