Chapter XIV - The Fallen Star (II) – End or Start - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter XIV - The Fallen Star (II) – End or Start

A goddess floated in the air outside the Northern Gate. A strong smell of metal permeated the space around her. Her eyes that showed a great ecstasy were glued to a group of gods that rose from the ground into the darkness and lightening the sky. Her white blouse swayed violently in a gust of wind, while her back was straight as a ramrod. Her brown long hair with some tiny dark green spots swam in the moonlight. Her powdered cheeks were amiable and her red lips made her smile lovely and sweet.

She was Copper. It was hard to believe that she was a bloody devil, who took killing as a hobby.

In a remote forest where hardly anyone could be seen, an old but immense dwelling was hidden quietly among the trees. It was five storys high and about a hundred meters wide. Vines were spread all over the walls and not a window could be seen clearly. The oddest thing of all was that there was no door except for a perfect round hole at the center of the roof. This was one of her houses. No one would ever imagine what terrible things happened here.

Inside, about a hundred demi-gods were encaged in a huge dark room. They were locked separately in metal cages, and their hands and legs were chained by bloody rope. Copper loved wrestling so deeply that she wanted to be a gladiator. She came here once every few days. She picked out three demi-gods, provided them with weapons of their choice, and took them to an enormous room full of blood and bodies. She told the gladiators that she would kill them unless they killed her. However, after an intense fight, Copper always won and left those dead bodies on the ground. She enjoyed fighting and reveled in the smell of blood.

Now, she was holding a deep yellow sword in her right hand and a sheath in her left, waiting for her opponent to arrive.

Suddenly, the sheath lit up and she threw it into the air. It was a signal for the battle to begin. Within a moment, thousands of soldiers flew into the air and drew their weapons.

“Soldiers! Enemies are here! Fight for ourselves! To be the masters of our own country!”

Right after she finished speaking, soldiers in the middle troop rushed toward that group with a gigantic roar that could be heard clearly at the other side of the city. The others stayed.

Meanwhile, Cobalt, Radium, Ice, and his guards divided into two groups that moved in opposite directions at a tremendous speed, leaving brilliant bands of light in their wake.

“Marshal! Lieutenant General Cesium asked for the instructions of the left and right troops,” a soldier said as he reached Copper.

“The left can return to the ground and attack the northern gate,” Copper frowned and said in a low voice. “And about the right . . .” She hesitated for a moment and then added, “Tell Cesium I will be there soon.”

“Your Majesty,” Radium said to the prince while they were flying to the west, “I think they have recognized which group you’re in.”

“How do you know that?”

“All their left troops landed while only two-thirds of their right troops were ready to attack the northern gate.”

“Right troops? Do you mean the enemies we are facing?”

“Yes.” Cobalt answered instead of Radium, “And they can get in here and catch us without any difficulty after they conquer the Northern Gate, which will break down the defensive system of the city.”

“Do you have a plan?”

She grinned and pointed to a place in front of them. “This is where we are going to.”

Copper gazed at the escaping group who were trying to find a gap in her siege. Giving her Lieutenant General a sweet smile, she said, “You’ve done pretty well. You have a good understanding of my teaching.” Her smile made him flustered. “But you won’t able to catch them.”

“Yes, Marshal,” said Cesium, who was trembling. “I will strengthen the fortifications.”

“Nope.” Copper waved her hands. “Do you see that adorable goddess near Ice? She can breach every siege you’ve arranged.”

Cesium gazed at the troops carefully. To his surprise, they ruptured his first encirclement.

“Our military could trap most of the gods. But not all of them.” She clenched her fist and added, “The only power is the truth.”

Radium and three of Ice’s guards were fighting with the enemies while Cobalt was commanding them to crack the siege and accompanying Ice. This group of six gods were equal to a fully armed troop as they shuttled freely in the encirclement that Cesium set.

“We will be out soon!” Cobalt shouted. “Those demi-gods aren’t— Take that spot Radium—competitors of me.”

“How could you find the way out?” Ice asked in puzzlement.

“It made me remember—Help that guard Radium —far before the establishment of the empire—Did you hear me, Radium! Go and help him! —I was a staff officer but also played the role of a teacher—Get a grip on yourself! Is it too hard for you to kill that enemy? —Right now, one of them, who was also our enemy, is still alive.”

“You mean Copper?”

Cobalt did not answer, but her eyes turned red.

After an exciting struggle, they finally broke through the encirclement. However, only three gods were left. Ice, Cobalt, and Radium.

When they thought that they succeeded, a god in a blue coat appeared in front of them. He was Cesium.

“You go first. I will be right behind!” Radium said firmly and started to fight with his bloody sword.

Now there were only two gods left.

Another hour passed. Copper appeared. Suddenly, a huge ball made of copper wrapped around Cobalt and Ice.

“You are in my world now, Cobalt.”

No one knew what happened in there. Gods like Copper had a world all to themselves. They were the kings in their world. No one could get in or out without their permission. We couldn’t know what they spoke about or whether they fought or not. All we know is that Cobalt was thrown out. She burst into tears, began running into the forest, and never came out.

However, Ice and Copper disappeared.

“Nature is dead.” A shrill voice spoke in the dark.

“He didn’t wake up,” a sweet voice added. “What a pity.”

“Who will be the next Nature?” A deep voice asked.

“I bet he will.” The shrill voice said. “What a lovely boy.”

“I don’t think so,” the sweet voice disagreed. “It’s probably her. Don’t you remember that Earth’s favorite color is red?”

“I think it’s him.” The deep voice spoke again. “Cruelty. I love Cruelty.”

“May I speak?” a new voice appeared, which made the others shocked.

“You’re still alive?!” the sweet voice said in surprise.

“I bet it will be her.” The new voice did not pay any attention to the sweet voice. “The girl with blue hair. Look, she cried. So adorable…”