Chapter Ⅲ - Quarrel - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅲ - Quarrel

After the funeral, the prime minister returned to his house. Sitting on his chair near his desk, he commanded his servant, God PhosphorusⅡ, who had been standing beside him since he came home, to call Potassium.

“Sire, Marshal Potassium has already arrived.”

“Then lead him here.”

Soon, Potassium arrived and saluted the prime minister in a hurry.

“There is no time for us to chat. The witch is dating her ministers now,” said Hydrogen quickly “And show me the progress of what I asked you to do.”

“I can’t, can I?”

“You have passed the test,” Hydrogen said with a smile and looked up fiercely. Suddenly, the roof above his head was crushed. A huge cloud of hydrogen had gathered under their feet, lifting them up and pushing them forward quickly.

“Take my transportation. Hydrogen is much lighter than potassium.”

In a while, they arrived at Prince Ice’s palace. They walked into the meeting room and prepared to kneel.

“No kneeling, my friends” said Prince Ice with a friendly voice. “Take your seats.”

Hydrogen sat down on the seat, which was close to Prince Ice, and observed this meeting room. There were four other gods, Calcium, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, and also, an empty chair.

“I don’t think Beryllium will come,” said the prime minister.

“The witch dated him?” said Potassium curiously, who sat next to Hydrogen.

“Obviously. I still remember the contemptible way the witch won Aluminum from us,” said Potassium angrily. “Now, another male general was taken by her. In this room, there is only the gods who have rigid principles like me and the goddesses who have no interest in dates with her.”

“It is not the right time for reviling,” said Calcium, who was one of the two generals in this room. Then she turned to Prince Ice. “My Lord, although Beryllium is gone, we still have six people here.”

“Nope,” said Prince Ice. “Five to six. The chance of winning is not one hundred percent.”

“So,” said Copper in a mocking voice, “We just sit here and wait for the witch to kill us?”

“Well, let’s see what our freedom lady plans to do,” said Nickel.

Then, Copper stood up and nodded to Prince Ice as he waved his hand to her. She took out a piece of paper with beautiful handwriting on it.

“This is what the emperor gave to me three days before his death. Let me read it for you.” She paused for a while and said:

“I have been to every inch of this lovely world and conquered everything that I saw. Now I am dying because the chaos of this world is nearly gone. It seems that my destiny is finished.

“However, I do not want my death to be an onset of the new chaos. So, I command that my merciful son, Ice, be the next emperor of my empire. I believe in that under the ruler of Ice, the world would become better and better.”

“Childish!” shouted Cobalt, “No one would believe in what you wrote.”

“Well, the problem is we do not have a big enough army. Whether our lord can take the throne depends on how much strength we have, not what you wrote,” said the prime minister in a placid voice. “Before Beryllium was gone, we had nearly half of the empire’s army, which would have allowed us to fight with Lava. But now our only chance to win is with Potassium.”

“So, our lives rely on you, Potassium.” Prince Ice faced Potassium. “How many days do you need?”

“Five days, your majesty.”

“Isn’t it too cruel to do that, your majesty?” said Copper in a shivering voice.

“Freedom Lady, it would be nice if they would surrender after reading what you wrote,” Prince Ice sighed. “Do the bloody work as quickly as possible, Potassium.”