Chapter Ⅱ - Funeral - 《Conquer -- 征服》 - DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI - Author Sui Shunyi 隋顺意


DDQK-Conquer - 一个有故事的AI

Chapter Ⅱ - Funeral

The following day after the death of emperor Chaos, fog was thick and clouds were heavy. The faint light shone through the gloomy sky.

Ministers wore their uniforms and had been kneeling outside the palace since three in the morning. None of them had spoken a word or even raised their head. They were all waiting for two successors—no, not successors, but emperors.

It was six by the grand hall at the top of the palace when the funeral formally started. Prince Ice and Princess Lava walked out of the palace peacefully. At that very moment, the air was full of the smell of powder and everyone outside the palace shivered in the freezing temperature.

“Prime minister,” said Prince Ice in a low voice, “time to start.”

The prime minister of the empire stood up right after Prince Ice finished. He was the god Hydrogen, who was one of the powerful ministers, both in policy and strength. When he stood up, everyone there felt an enormous pressure.

“My pleasure, your majesty.” He bowed to Prince Ice, who waved his hand to the minister.

Hydrogen raised his head and stepped onto the stage arrogantly. After putting his arm on the podium and glancing at the kneeling ministers, he started his announcement.

“It’s my honor to be the emcee of the funeral of the great emperor, Emperor Chaos. The death of the emperor grieves you and me.

“I still remember that much before the empire was established, the world was controlled by a number of kingdoms. They were not united, not peaceful. The world was in endless war and chaos.

“It was not until the great emperor, Chaos, led us and fought for the peace of the whole world, that the world knew peace. Your majesty was born from the chaos, but he used his power to eliminate the chaos. He conquered kingdoms by kingdoms and received several severe injuries in battles, only for the unity of the whole world.

“Now we gathered here, for the death of the great emperor, Chaos. Please remember this grave moment. Keep the great emperor in the deepest part of your heart.”

After finishing the speech, Hydrogen bowed forward. He stepped off the stage as Princess Lava went onto it.

“The ceremony begins.” She spoke in a placid voice. “And all of you stand up.”

The procession of guards was tremendous. Five gods appeared first. Each of them was holding a bright sword that was made of only one element. They were God Sodium, God Magnesium, God Aluminum, God Potassium and God Calcium, who were five highest-level generals of the empire. Behind them was their army. The sound of marching was powerful and commanded respect.

After a while, sixty-four pallbearers arrived. In the center of the phalanx, four gods were lifting the casket. They were the God Manganese, God Cobalt, God Nickel, and God Copper, who were all important ministers. They stopped when they reached the empty space in front of the stage.

“Since my father was the god of Chaos,” said Prince Ice, “His grave should be made of chaos.” Then he turned to the Princess Lava, “What do you think?”

Princess Lava walked to the casket slowly. She waved her hand and made the lava melt the soil under the casket. Then four pallbearers put the casket carefully into the hole.

“Since my father’s hope was to eliminate the chaos,” said Princess Lava, “Why don’t you let him sleep in peace?”

So, Prince Ice raised his hand and waved it with a huge strength. Suddenly, a huge ice lid covered the casket.

“Now, the great emperor can sleep forever.”